Say hello to my future home... Rosita! 

Introducing the second stage of our renovation process, a process that has taken up a lot of time, the fascinating... insulation process. The first stage was to gut the whole van, rip out the existing floor, shelving and take out all of the added parts on the walls. It was a hilarious job, and we found a couple of holes in the floor along the journey (nbd!), but now we seem to be back on track, and I couldn't be more excited about it - plus demolishing stuff is fun! I'm currently working on a mini time-lapse film to show you the before and after... so stay tuned!

We used Reflectixs as our base layer of insulation to keep out condensation and to reflect radiant energy. It is pretty neat stuff and was super easy to cut and install.  We measured out a bunch of individual panels to fit the walls and then used 3m adhesive to stick it all in place. Warning...the 3m adhesive is almost too good at everything. In all the areas that the Reflectixs couldn't go, we used denim insulation to do the job and assist in keeping us warm. The denim is even more intense than the Reflectixs, adding in an extra sound barrier and some bonus heat for the colder climates ( like Telluride, Colorado!). The next stage after the insulation will be to cut a massive hole in the roof so that we can put in a fan... I can't wait for this part!  We will then prepare all of the electrical before we lay the floor and the cedar panels we've chosen for the walls. YAY!!! 

After a lot of insulating and getting adhesive all over us, we took a break and headed out to Lawrencetown for a walk near the ocean. It was a gorgeous night, one that you could just tell would make for a beautiful sunset. We hiked the hill to the left of the beach, all the way to the top to get that picture perfect view of the last light. Sitting by the cliff watching the colours change in the distance, we talked about our dreams and goals for our van Rosita and everything that's to come. 

Have a lovely night xx!