Sweetest Morning

The colours were so brilliant this morning, decorating the whole coast in its unique artistic expression. I've realized more and more that I enjoy taking pictures in the early morning light the best when the water is calmer, the wind is lighter, and the lights sweetness just seems to be turned up!

January has been such a wonderful month so far. I've started advanced photography classes at NSCAD this semester and I couldn't be more excited about my program. The Duke Street campus is incredible and reminds me of Hogwarts when I'm inside. I've always wanted to go to Hogwarts... so this is definitely a double win.  

I've never been to Georges Island (the island in the above photograph) but I've always wanted to go. It's amusing to me that there's this place in the middle of the harbour that I've never been to, and I bet the pictures of the city from over there would be super rad, it's definitely on my bucket list!. There's an old legend that tells about an underground tunnel connecting the island to Citadel Hill in the heart of the city. It was apparently made during the first war for secret transportation to and from Halifax.... but it was myth busted. Cool idea though, right?

It was around 7:00 am when I took these pictures, and the Seaport Famers Market was completed empty. In the shot below, I noticed the light coming in the big windows and used my wide angle lens on my tripod to capture the shot, with an aperture of 11 and a slower shutter speed.. I love how soft the light is and the shadows on the left side of the frame. 

So January has been pretty awesome and my photo a day project has also been fun so far and has really given me that extra motivation to shoot every day.  My sick to my stomach feelings about moving into the city has slowly drifted away... and Im slowly begining to feel more stoked about all of it. I have so many new places to take pictures of, and lessons to learn about shooting in a city. 

Cheers to a lovely day mon amies! XX