Hello 2016


I hope you all had an amazing year.

To celebrate a new year I drove up to Peggy’s Cove to capture my first sunrise of 2016. I absolutely love it there, and can see why it’s one of the most photographed places in Nova Scotia. The landscape surrounding the light house is so rugged but so incredibly beautiful. It’s so cool to think that it was all created millions of years ago from the earths molten bubbly meterial. 

It was a perfect morning to take pictures, I had so much fun looking for the best place to set up my tripod for a classic picture of the light house. I used my wide angle lens to capture all of my shots from todays adventure. My 10-22mm is currently my favourite lens to use for landscape photography. 

The light for the rest of the day was soooo dreamy. It’s one of my favourite elements to use in any photo. After leaving Peggy’s Cove I drove down the South Shore for the rest of the morning. Stopping at the Bay Lookout Park near Boutiliers Point, and a random beach that we always stumble upon.  It was was a very relaxed morning filled with all of my favourite things.

I’ve started a photo project this year to push myself to become a better photographer. Influenced by some pretty amazing people I’m going to try and tackle a photo a day project for the rest of the year. I’m pretty excited to start this and I think it's just the project that I've been looking for to get me out shooting more. 

Wishing everyone the happiest of new years !