The Sunshine State

Sunrises on the East Coast are hard to beat and photographing them gives me an endless amount of warm and fuzzy feels so I can’t seem to get enough. The meditative process of waking up before dawn and setting out towards that unique destination with my camera by my side while searching out that ideal shot is just the best feeling ever. Having those peaceful moments before everyone else is up and getting to watch a scene unfold right before your eyes with beautiful light, colour and motion is my favourite way to start off the day. Florida was a perfect place to chase them, and I fell utterly in love with all of the lush plant life, warm weather and variety of birds that I had the opportunity to capture while touring around in our van, Rosita.

We had no problems living out of Rosita in the Sunshine state and even got the chance to stealth camp a few nights right by the ocean. There’s no better way to fall asleep then alongside the rhythmic sounds of the waves crashing on the shore and knowing that you’re going to wake up somewhere pretty sweet the next day. The coolest beaches we visited along the way were St. Augustine Beach and Fort Myers. What made them extra special was not only the beautiful sand and blue tropical waters but the people we got the chance to connect with while we were there. It’s been incredible getting to meet so many new people and sharing stories about life, life, food and how to not get caught camping in a van. Meeting people is one of my favourite aspects of travelling, you never know who you are going to meet and how they might influence your trip, day, or life positively.

The Everglades National park was one of my favourite places we got to visit, and I was blown away with the variety of birds wading, nesting and dodging in between the many crocodiles found in the watery landscape. The drive through the park was incredible and made me feel like I was on a tropical safari the whole time. I captured so many moments but felt like I didn’t do the space justice for how beautiful it was. I highly recommend making a trip down to the park the next time you are visiting the state, and you’d be surprised with how many crocodiles you’ll get to see hanging by the edge of the water and laying out lazy in the afternoon sun.

Getting to try a piece of Key Lime Pie in the Florida Keys was one of the yummiest experience from the state. I also got to enjoy my first Krispy Kreme Donut which was so delicious my taste buds melted away in happiness. There was so much to see and do, and in our limited time there we got to taste, see and experience many of the delights the state had to offer. If you're looking for lots of sunshine, an endless selection of beaches and beautiful coastlines lined with palm trees then a trip down to Florida may be just what you're looking for.